About us

It was March 14, 1972 when John and Carlene Coates first hung their shingle "open for business"on the door at 47 Sussex Street, Alberton. Neptune Tackle was up and running. An older building positioned in a backstreet suburb of Adelaide was arguably not the best position for a tackle shop but the big floor area of the shop and an even bigger tin shed out the back is what had caught their eye.

Business was slow and steady at first but word of mouth quickly spread that this shop not only had a big range to choose from but could produce hand made, hard to get items, from the small manufacturing facility in the tin shed out back. With more and more demand for these items, even from opposition shops, eventually the demand had well and truly out stripped the supply capability. A decision had to be made, do we keep selling retail or close the doors to the public and become a manufacturing wholesaler. Manufacturing wholesaler it was. Adding more pressure to the decision was that another employee was really needed to keep up with the demand. And so, with John and Keith out the back and Carlene in the office, business flourished.

Ten years later John and Carlene’s two teenage boys, Darren and Robin, expressed interest in joining the business. Whilst they were excited about the idea of their boys joining them in business, they were also concerned about the ability for the business to support two more wages. Lets give it a try they said, and in 1986 the boys joined the business. John and Carlene were right, it was hard to pay two more wages. Whilst a successful business paying 3 wages, 5 wages was tough indeed. Something needed to happen so Darren and Robin proposed a plan. A rather adventurous plan that included leaving the old premises and building a bigger, state of the art facility in a more central location. A big modern warehouse, with plenty of space, plenty of car parks and room to grow the business. In fact, when the boys presented this idea to their mum and dad they also gave them the site address they had chosen along with preliminary engineering drawings of the facility. The costing that went with this proposal, although accurate, was outrageously expensive. They would have to borrow every cent needed from the bank. Not at all happy with this but sensing something had to be done to continue trading, John and Carlene gave the idea their reserved blessing.

In 1997 a huge,modern state of the art warehouse was finally completed in central Port Adelaide. Upon arrival, the paved car park leads into an impressive, and quite large, entry foyer and office complex which includes a showroom, lunchroom and even shower facilities. Slate floors, tinted windows,modern furniture and new computer systems all added to the impressive appeal. Even the warehouse benefited, receiving new work benches,welders, pneumatic machinery and packing benches. It was a great facility indeed and business boomed, John and Carlene were the proudest parents.

Tragedy struck the family in 2005 with John passing away and later that year Carlene decided to retire leaving the boys to run the business.

What’s happening now at Neptune Tackle? Well,we are still 100% Australian owned,we now have 8 employees, and have purchased the warehouse next door to give us the much needed room to expand, but most importantly, we are always on the lookout to design and develop new and exciting products. Quite often it is the valued feedback from our customers that starts the ball rolling for these new products. We are also still one of the last remaining manufacturers in Australia, hand made items such as underwater lights through to injection moulded products like the blue berley bucket or the yellow keeper pot, and until recently, the SeaMartin Surf Reel are made right here in our warehouse. Our passion is to provide good quality products at an affordable price.

If ever you are in the area, you are always welcome to drop in and have a chat, browse through our fully set up show room and experience our awful coffee making skills.

Hope to see you on the water somewhere.